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Long-Lasting Roof Coatings in Langley

Roof coatings are a great way to replace and restore a flat roof. Langley Roofing Co Ltd offers a variety of roof coatings, sometimes referred to as spray applied roofing or spray on roofing because they consist of a fluid applied roofing membrane installed by using an airless sprayer or air assisted sprayer. The sprayer allows for a smooth, continual flow of coating to spread across the existing roof substrate evenly, which allows for a new, seamless, waterproof roof membrane. For quality roof coating in Langley, reach out to Langley Roofing.

Our professionals, equipped with all the necessary tools and credentials, are here to provide excellent roof coating services in Langley. We use only the required amount of materials and work to reduce waste. Roof coats are specially formulated to neutralize and halt rust or corrosion on surfaces. Apply high-quality coatings to increase the lifespan of your roof.

Advantages of Roof Repairs with Spray Applied Coatings

One of the major advantages of the roof coatings is that they are seamless. Once applied, the coating bonds to the roof surface and to itself. This forms a complete roof membrane that water cannot penetrate. The adhesion and cohesion properties of spray applied coatings allow them to bond to the roof, even around difficult or awkward protrusions.

Second on the list of significant advantages of spray applied coatings is their reflective properties. Once they have cured, most coatings reflect the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere, which helps to keep both your roof’s surface and building’s interior cool.

Another advantage of roof coatings is ease of repair. If a crack or leak develops in the coating, once located it can be sealed with caulk and repaired in about 15 minutes. Bi-annual inspections will help you keep track of areas that are damaged or appear to be at risk. Once the problem is identified, repairing it is often simple and cost effective.

Disadvantages of Spray Applied Coatings

The installation process of spray roof coatings is tedious. While it appears simple and often fast, it requires precision that is absent with other roofing materials. This means you need to hire a quality roofing company that stays focused throughout the entire installation job.

Our Project Manager, Aaron Ennis, has been working in the coatings industry since 1989. His high level of focus and attention to detail allows him to put forth a high level of quality into every project he takes on.

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Spray applied coatings are long lasting, which makes them a very cost effective roofing material. Ease of maintenance and repair make these systems worry free. Please feel free to contact us about a free estimate today! We also provide roof repairs along with roof coatings in Langley.

Taking Your Roof to New Heights

We provide the most reliable repairs, maintenance, re-roofing, flat roofs, and waterproofing services for Commercial and Residential Roofing in the Lower Mainland. Get a Quote for roof repair service in Langley. We also supply roofing products.

Roofing Services

At Langley Roofing Co Ltd, we serve residential, commercial and institutional customers. We install asphalt, duroid, fiberglass, and laminate shingle roof systems for steep roofs so we can assist you with everything from repairs and maintenance to re-roofing and waterproofing and. If your roof has deteriorated over the years or has been damaged by weather, give us a call and we will be there to help.

Quality Materials

When it comes to installing shingles and flat roofing systems, Langley Roofing Co Ltd utilizes the highest quality products. We select products that have optimal performance and excellent durability, so your new roof or repaired sections will last for years to come.

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